5 Crucial Tips for Improving Your Video SEO

More businesses than ever before are using media content. Customers prefer video content over other types because they think it to be more convincing, enjoyable, and memorable. According to research, 87% of organizations used video SEO as a marketing technique at the beginning of 2022 — an increase from 63% in previous years. Therefore, it has become essential to use videos to spread your company’s message to increase traffic, lead generation, conversions, and brand recognition.

Customers adore video as a tool for learning. More and more people are using videos to research products and solutions before making selections. Including video content may improve the position of your website or blog by increasing linger time and decreasing churn rate. This is why, even if you aren’t creating a tonne of YouTube material, you still need to have a video SEO Parramatta plan in place.

What is Video SEO?

By raising your position on the SERP or Search Engine Results Pages, video helps your site’s SERP. As stated, video SEO aids in the optimization of your video so that search engines may better crawl and rank it for related searches.

Five Crucial Tips for Improving your Video SEO

Create Good Content

The how-to or instructional style is one material that excels on YouTube. Additionally, you’re not limited to watching tedious tutorials for product installation or debugging!

Videos that explain what a device does and videos that define what it is utilized for vary in a subtle yet significant way. The other helps the buyer picture oneself in that encounter by opening up a universe of options.

Know your audience: Understanding your target audience’s needs, interests, and pain points will help you create content that resonates with them.

Choose a compelling topic: Select a topic that is relevant, interesting, and valuable to your audience.

Conduct research: Gather information from credible sources to support your content and provide valuable insights to your audience.

1. Attractive Thumbnail

The use of video thumbnails, despite their nominal size, may significantly affect attention. Select a slightly elevated, eye-catching picture and trim it to the required size. Consider using a graphic that shouts “Your Business.”

You may also try to include individuals in your images. Faces inherently attract humans. Therefore, comparing the effectiveness of branded thumbnail photos vs those that show people’s faces is worthwhile.

Optimize your Video with Keywords for Search Engines and Youtube

There are strategic actions you can take to improve your video’s Seo rankings after your quality shines. Which are:

Video name

This is your opportunity to see the results of your targeted keywords. Similar to on-page SEO, you should try to include your keywords in the description of your video organically. However, making sure your movie title is intriguing and informative should come first.

As described in the video

Another chance to include keywords is in the description of your video. Additionally, you’ll have a lot more area to play with up to 1000 characters. Don’t forget to add a prompt for action and a reward, and place your most vital information first. Include a hyperlink to your website so people may learn more, but only after that.

You’re less likely to get noticed for any of them since YouTube won’t be able to tell which keywords are more important. Instead, concentrate on 5-8 well-chosen, focused tags. Prioritize your primary keyword, then include your supplementary keywords. Lastly, have a few standard variants and one or two long-tail keywords.

Sharing It on The Social Media Page

Owing to FOMO, additional people are compelled to watch the video due to social evidence in the form of websites and social views. Your video will be widely shared thanks to social media. When your clips are incorporated into your websites or blog entries, this results in additional backlinks.

The video gains more search engine prominence thanks to social evidence. Therefore, increasing likes and comments is a crucial component of video SEO Parramatta.

But don’t forget to promote the site or blog posts your videos are on. Any online communication and connection will thus improve the SEO performance of your website.

Evaluate Results

Last but not least, avoid releasing your films into the wild, where they will disappear forever. Keep track of each video’s performance to improve user engagement and your video approach constantly. Here are some statistics you should pay close attention to:

Pace of Completion

What portion of your video was seen by the viewer? The duration of the video is most likely to blame if they stopped watching long before the finish. Try producing shorter movies to see if the completion rate changes. Alternatively, it’s possible that your video’s opening has to be repeated since it’s not strong enough.

Watching Time Overall

The time a person spends viewing the video is shown by the watch time in YouTube’s statistics. This and the completion rate are closely related since both measures the same thing—the viewer’s attention span for your films. View time may be used to evaluate similar clips to determine which works better. Completion percentage and watch time are both effective comparing techniques.


Giving your viewers more of the material they like is the main objective. This will improve your video SEO by increasing the crucial “session view time” parameter.

Experiment with different keyword combinations for each video to increase your audience and reach. But be sure to use the same primary keyword in each video in the sequence. This will function as a hashtag to make it simple and fast for visitors to discover videos in the series.

Optimize video titles and descriptions: Use descriptive and keyword-rich titles and descriptions to attract both viewers and search engines.

Use relevant tags: Utilize tags that accurately reflect your video’s content and target audience to increase search engine visibility.

Transcripts: Including a transcript of your video’s audio can improve accessibility and make it easier for search engines to understand the content.

Video file optimization: Optimize your video file for faster loading times and better user experience by reducing its size and using a supported format.

Promote and share: Share your videos on social media, embed them on relevant websites, and encourage others to share and link to your content. This will increase the visibility and reach of your videos.


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