8 Methods To Get More Facebook Engagement In 2023

Facebook Engagement

Last year I decided to throw myself completely out of my head to engagement on Facebook and to expand my number of followers. And recommend: my most successful online store is a maximum of 54,000 Facebook followers.

Apart from my team and me, who were successful not to call a huge ego thrust -if these likes served another important goal. They enabled us to build a dedicated community of people who love our niches and especially our products. What a considerable cycle that led to it extra sale.

Enough about me. How can you do that in your own brand? I will be proven tactics that have helped me, examples of how I can get Facebook and how I can get active Facebook followers.

How to get more Facebook engagement

From Facebook advertisements for beginners to influencer marketing, there are many ways to get Facebook followers for your brand. Here are 8 useful ways:

1. Place Facebook advertisements

If you are wondering how you can get Facebook followers, Facebook advertisements are the obvious solution. You can perform “technical” advertisements to increase the visibility of your Facebook brand. To be honest, every advertisement you make are probably more followers, even “conversion” advertisements.

If Facebook users like the content of your ad, you will probably communicate with the contribution and like or follow your Facebook page. If your main goal is to sell in the store, you can publish a conversion display and further increase the Facebook likes for your site.

2. Get the best out of video marketing on Facebook

When it comes to dealing with users, nothing is similar to video content. As an extraordinary and interactive medium for telling stories, video marketing on Facebook makes effective communication with users. Some useful tips for using video to increase the use of the Facebook brand page.

Download your videos directly on Facebook: The Facebook -Algorithm prefers native videos on the platform. . According to a study with 6 million Facebook reports, videos that have been uploaded directly to Facebook have an average involvement percentage of 110% and a relatively higher share than YouTube links with 478%.

Experiment with square videos: square videos are easier to see and more popular. They tend to get more commitment, average views and final rates than our landscape videos. Use them carefully.

3. Captions add according to a study

Videos on Facebook are watched without noise, and 39% of consumers end videos with more captions. Bite Zahnpasta Bits is a leading brand that uses Facebook video content to clarify consumers about different products. Your videos are not chic, but they are short, accurate and enough to feel at ease to buy the viewers.

4. Encourage the recipients to answer each other

Publish content that inspires the conversation. According to Facebook, the algorithm uses “Action Boost Logic” when a contribution receives many conversations between the user’s friends to re -publish this message for the user. The algorithm encourages content that people want to share and want to discuss with their friends.

5. Place if your audience is online

As we have already learned, it is an important signal to be on time. The latest contributions appear at the top of your news feed. Your audience is more likely that it will see your contribution and tackle your contribution when it is at the top of your Facebook time bar when you are online.

According to Coschedule, the best time is to post on Facebook between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

It will be broken on the day of the week:

  • 00 – 13.00: 00 Saturday and Sunday
  • 13:00 – 16:00, Thursday and Friday
  • 15:00 Wednesday

To do this, so that your message reaches as many people as possible, mention 1 am, 3 hours and 9 am as the best times. However, don’t forget that these times are a good start, but not always the most productive for your subscribers.

6. Consult people to like your site

The easiest way to increase your Facebook followers is to invite people to like their site. The lowest fruit is to invite your friends and family. If you show ads for your brand, Facebook will send you regular notifications in which you are asked to invite others to like your site. .

I have discovered that by publishing the providers of advertisements, usually from more people from my site. Although I invited people manually, I was temporarily blocked by Facebook. So you have to adjust the pace based on the number of people you invite at the same time.

If you do this, it will be blocked temporarily, but Facebook can continue to send notifications in which you are asked to invite people. But you still can’t invite anyone. Wait a day or two before you try to invite other people.

You can also invite your friends and family to like your site. However, don’t forget that it is better to have a small target group than a big one, because this can limit the effectiveness of your future advertisements.

7. Pay attention to content

If you try to find out how you can get likes on Facebook, make sure that your content is noticed in your feeds. To make this work, you need an audience that you look at. But let’s look at the GIF post from Taco Bell, which received 2,500 likes in two hours. Likes on Facebook and 549 shares in the same period.

GIF changes the color discoloration into diagonal shape to attract your attention and to change every few seconds. If you browse through the feed, your eyes will catch it, which makes you more likely that you will notice and communicate with it.

8. Go live for Facebook engagement

According to the Facebook engagement report “People spend an average of 3x more time on Facebook than a video that is no longer available” and “people comment on 10x more live videos than normal videos. ” In that sense, it is good to know that live videos are doing better, reach more people and increase the involvement rates compared to early videos on Facebook.

This is because when you go live, your video is displayed at the top of the Facebook feed of your followers. Moreover, people who have regularly or recently admitted have received a report that they know that they are online on social media platforms.

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