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Munnar Tour in Kerala, a state in South India, contains the lovely township of Munnar in the Western Ghats mountain range. Rolling hills, tea, and coffee plantations surround this hill station on all sides. Bangalore, often known as Bengaluru, is the capital of Karnataka, another state in the south. Tourists visit both cities. There are numerous ways to get from Bangalore to Munnar Tour.

In fact, one of the most popular travel routes for tourists is from Bangalore to Munnar. In the past, Munnar served as one of the top resort destinations for the British Raj. One of the most gorgeous locations is surrounded by breathtaking rolling hills filled with tea plantations that were created in this town in the 19th century.


In addition to the stunning natural surroundings, one may explore the Eravikulam National Park, take in the breathtaking Lakkam waterfalls, and stroll along the lovely paths. The tallest peak in southern India is the Anamudi Peak, which is situated in Munnar.

Munnar Tour is the ideal destination for anyone looking to relax and spend some time in quiet, beautiful settings away from the bustle of a city. You may spend valuable time in Munnar’s forests and grasslands, which are home to exotic plants. Thus, don’t hesitate to reserve one of the Munnar tour package from Bangalore and have an incredible holiday.


Distance from Bangalore to Munnar


The road’s length from Bangalore to Munnar is approximately 523 kilometres. Yet, the aerial distance is only 328 kilometres. Like any other overnight location near Bangalore, Munnar sees the most visitors over the weekends. Have a weekend getaway from Bangalore to the fullest. One can take any Munnar tour package from Bangalore. 

The distance from Silk Board Stop, Bangalore, will take you about 9 hours to drive. Although the majority of the route is easy and smooth, you must take special caution on the ghat portion between Udumalaipettai and Marayoor. The final 42 kilometres between Marayoor and Munnar are also on a small route, therefore driving at a moderate pace will be necessary.


Best time to visit Munnar 

The winter months of October through May, when the sky is bright and the temperature is cosy and romantic, are peak tourist season in Munnar. Also, this will be the ideal time to visit Munnar’s animals, go on trekking excursions, and participate in a variety of outdoor sports. Another period when Munnar is completely different is from June to September. The sky looks spectacular during this time of year’s rains, and there is a higher likelihood of seeing other wildlife. Yet, driving in the rainy season might become a little riskier and uncomfortable. 


Famous places of Attractions.


Top Station


This is the best place recommended according to the Munnar tour package from Bangalore. Three mountain streams—Mudrapuza, Nallathanni, and Kundala—meet in Munnar. It is said that people travel from all across Kerala to this location to observe the convergence of these streams. It is therefore quite popular with tourists. One of the top tourist destinations in Munnar is Top Station. This area is around 32 kilometres from Munnar and is located at a height of roughly 1700 metres. The Western Ghats would be clearly visible from this spot, which is close to the Tamil Nadu border and situated on the Munnar–Kodaikanal Road.


The top station is where the railroad’s top-most stations were located in this area, hence the name. At this point, clouds appear as if they are just a touch away. The renowned Neelakurinji flowers, also known as Strobilanthes in other areas of the world, are said to be abundant in this area. 

One blooming cycle for these flowers lasts for 12 years. 2018 will mark the return of this bloom to this valley. Although you can visit this location at any time of the year, April through May is the ideal time to do so. Getting to Top Station by vehicle or bus is simple.


Tata Tea Museum


For its tea plantations, Munnar was formerly famous. There were various tea estates in Munnar. The Tata Tea Museum offers employment opportunities to the locals. The KDHP Museum, also referred to as the Tata Tea Museum, lies two kilometres from Munnar’s centre.

This museum pays tribute to all the plantation pioneers who helped Munnar become one of Kerala’s main suppliers of tea. Since the Tata Tea Museum is a genuine Indian museum, visitors can learn about the development and accomplishments of the tea industry there. Kids learn about the global success of the tea industry as well. One learns about every aspect of the mechanisation of the Munnar tea plantation, beginning with the manually powered tea harvesting equipment.


Kundala Lake 


Visitors who are willing to go above and beyond to satiate their desire can find a wealth of natural treasures at Kundala Lake. Kundala Lake, which is 1700 metres above sea level, is a must-stopover on the way to Munnar.  One can enjoy rolling tea plantations and the canopy of the blue sky and also  the fragrance of tea leaves. 

The historical dam, which bears the same name as the lake, is one of Kundala Lake’s main draws. Many honeymooners will long for the experience of sailing on the calm waters of Kundala Lake on a Shikara boat while surrounded by endless foliage. The flower paradise of Kundala. The neighbourhood appears picture-perfect due to the abundance of Cherry Blossoms, which only blossom twice a year. The world-famous Neelakurinji flower, which only blooms once every twelve years, has its origins in this region as well.

For tourists who prefer to spend their time in Munnar touring undisturbed, the location offers a lovely getaway. Due to the serene surroundings it encompasses, Kundala Lake is a well-liked picnic and photography location. One of its main draws is the water reservoir. This place is best viewed by the people taking up Munnar  tour Package . It is a great tourist attraction. 


Eravikulam National Park


Eravikulam National Park is situated on the summit of the Western Ghats, 45 minutes’ drive from the heart of Munnar. This 97-kilometre long stretch of land is one of the most visited sightseeing destinations in Munnar. It is one of the additional UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is a haven for numerous fauna and vegetation.

First run as a game reserve, Eravikulam National Park was formerly known as the Rajamalai Wildlife Sanctuary. The fauna in Eravikulam National Park is extremely diverse. Here, one can find 132 different bird species, and so on. The Nilgiri langur, lion-tailed macaque, and Atlas moth are the three prominent species that can be seen here.

If  one enjoys watching birds, they should surely come to the sight of Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Kerala Laughing Thrush, White Bellied ShortWing, Black & Orange Flycatcher, and Nilgiri Verditer Flycatcher. In addition to the extensive variety of fauna that lives here, one may easily see Nilgiri Tahr. It is well known as the South Indian mountain goat, an endangered species. Eravikulam National Park is also responsible for the stunning beauty of its Shola forest cover and undulating meadows.

Rose Garden 

Only at Munnar one can find the fragrant floating fumes of a wide variety of plant species, fruits, flowers, and crops on a 2-acre stretch bursting with vibrant colours. One of the top tourist attractions in Munnar that one simply cannot afford to miss while visiting.

This is actually a maze of exquisite flowers at a height of 3500 feet above sea level. There are a variety of flowers. In that respect, the name sounds a little misleading because in addition to roses, there are many other flowers that are beautifying the scenery by clinging to its slopes and contours. This is one of the Munnar attractions that makes an impression on visitors

As one indulges in the pure bliss of admiring the beauty all around, the spices, various fruits, and flowers placed in this garden send distinctive fragrances into the air that make one feel very refreshing.

Echo Point

15 kilometres from Munnar, at a height of 600 feet above sea level, sits the renowned Echo Point. If one shout at Echo Point, which is renowned for its natural echo phenomenon, one may hear his voice reverberate back to you. Point is surrounded by misty clouds, hills, verdant meadows, and forests, making a trip to this picturesque location even more exhilarating. It is located along the banks of the charming Kundala Lake.

One can go boating on the lake as well, and depending on your preferences, you can use a paddle boat or a speedboat. Because it is home to numerous vibrant indigenous and migratory bird species, Echo Point is a well-liked site for birdwatchers.

According to the Munnar tour package from Bangalore, one can visit many other places as well, such as Mattupetty dam, Anamudi Peak, Kolukkumalai  Tea Estates, Marayoor Sandalwood Forests, Attukad Waterfalls, Lakkam waterfalls and Aranyaka Resorts.


Ways to reach Munnar from Bangalore 


One can reach Munnar from Bangalore, by reaching Bangalore via flight and can take up any route to reach Munnar.

One can also reach Munnar via train and bus as well.


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