Main Features You Need to Know About Motor Recycling Machine

Our electric motor recycling machines are long-lasting and easy to use. 

A recycling machine is sometimes referred to as an “electric motor recycler,” “power generator,” or “power station. It is a machine that breaks down old, outdated electric motors and transforms them into new electric motors. That are capable of generating power and are safe for reuse. The process of recycling a motor includes disassembling the old motor and breaking it down into pieces, which are then shipped to a factory where the pieces are reassembled into new motors.

Reusable Electric Motors:

Inside discarded electric motors are valuable copper and aluminium components. We make these motors with steel shells that are strong enough to protect the wiring and parts inside. We offer Aluminum composite panel recycling machine and motor recycling machines for sale. If you want to know more about our products and policies, contact us today or visit our website. 

Only harsh, specialized tools can split those casings open to get to the metals inside. The electric motor recycling equipment from Solid Equipment Company can break up even the toughest motors so we can recycle them.

Stop sending your motors overseas and buy your own electric motor wrecker to make the most money.

How Can You Re-Use Motors:

Most of the time, we wrap valuable copper and aluminium parts in tough cast iron or hard aluminium shells that, at first glance, look like you can’t break them through. With the three-step process of the electric motor recycling machine, the valuable parts that you can reuse and take out of the casing and internal structure.

About the Tools:

You want to buy a new or used electric motor wrecker, right? We’re happy to sell equipment for recycling electric motors, and we can tell you all about the benefits. People made this powerful technology with a comfortable working height and a lot of safety features. It’s also easy for you to move, which is a plus!

How is Our Equipment for Recycling Electric Motors?

The electric motor recycling machine can take apart even the most difficult motors and separate all of the useful parts. We also sell equipment for cutting compressors, like the CW-809A.

How Motor Recycling Works:

Before you can recycle the electric motor mechanically, you should unscrew and set aside all of the pieces and attachments that you can take off. This should show the outside of the electric motor’s housing.

You need to take out the valuable parts inside this industrial electric motor recycling machine in three steps.

Stage One:

The operator starts to separate and remove the outer casing so that we can see the electric motor’s parts. Using a device that applies very high pressure, the aluminium or cast iron housing is cut on opposite sides to separate it and then peel it off to reveal the stator. 

Stage Two:

In the second step, you need to cut the stator or transformer block into two equal parts. By taking these apart, the copper coils are now out in the open and you can take them apart from the other parts and materials.

Third Stage:

In the third step of the process, a complicated hydraulic system is used to pull the copper wiring away from the metal it had been threaded through. The winding is held in place by teeth, and the housing is moved out of the way by rods. This leaves the copper wiring fully exposed and unattached.

As a result,

You have to carefully separate a large amount of valuable copper wiring from a pile of metal and plastic scraps that you can also recycle it.

Only Supplier:

We are proud that Solid Equipment Company is the only place in North America that sells the O’Jung electric motor recycling machine. It is a truly innovative system that changes the way you take out valuable copper and aluminium from electric motors. Before, it took a long time and a lot of work. Now, it only takes a few simple, repeatable steps.

With our electric motor recycling system, your company can take care of electric motors in-house and get the most money back from copper and aluminium scrap. Prices for scrap metal change all the time, but our equipment lets you make the most money and stay profitable even when prices go down a little.

Strategic Management:

As sales of electric cars start to grow exponentially and you take out older equipment of service, it will become even more important to have efficient and effective recycling processes. Invest in an electric motor recycling machine to stay ahead of the growing need for cost-effective recycling of electric vehicle parts.

Our O’Jung electric motor recycler can pay for itself by making your metal extraction process faster and better. Before, it could take more than an hour to process a single motor. With our new system, a single skilled operator can process more than 20 motors in an hour. Plus, the process is safer and set up to reduce worker fatigue and stress from doing the same thing repeatedly.

With an O’Jung electric motor recycling machine from Solid Equipment Company, you can take your efforts to recycle electric motors to the next level. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about the system. We will show you how the electric motor recycler works and what it can do for you. We can even show you how useful and effective the equipment can be for your recycling efforts by showing you how it works at our facility.

Bottom Line:

If you have a lot of electric motors and parts to recycle, the electric motor recycler is the perfect tool for you. With a small amount of money, this long-lasting system will pay back the money and continue to make money for a long time. It will only take a few minutes to take apart and separate the valuable parts of an average-sized electric motor. A skilled worker who has used our machine before can work on up to 20 motors per hour.

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