Best Universities in New Zealand for Indian Students

study in New Zealand for Indian students

New Zealand is one of the emerging countries for students willing to study abroad. The country is ranked second in the Global Peace Index 2018. The country is home to many globally recognised institutions and is known for its interactive education system. Indian students have preferred New Zealand as their study abroad destination. It is necessary to have a proper guide study in New Zealand for Indian students for those who are planning to be in the country and do not have knowledge about universities in the country.

New Zealand has seen a 28% growth in the number of Indian students in the past few years. Economic Intelligence Unit has placed New Zealand at the top of the list of countries for preparing students for the future. The universities are dedicated to helping students enhance their skills to be at par with the competition. But going in blindly is not wise. You need to know the best universities in New Zealand and prepare yourself accordingly.

On that note, here’s a list of the top universities in New Zealand for Indian students. Know their eligibility criteria and start your preparations:

University Of Auckland

The University of Auckland is ranked among the top universities as per QS world rankings and is popular for Graduate Employability in the country. The university started its operations in 1883 and has faculty of arts, business school, science faculty, creative arts faculty, industries, medical faculty and health sciences, education faculty and social, faculty of engineering, faculty of law, and many more. Here’s an insight into the courses and fee structure for Indian students:

Courses Duration 1st-year tuition fees
MBA 12-16 months INR 24.9L
BE/B. Tech 3 years INR 15.7 L-19.1 L
M Arch 2 years INR 17.1 L
MS 12-24 months INR 17.1 L-18.7 L
BSc 3 years INR 14.8 L-15.9 L
MIM 1-1.5 years INR 15.3 L-23.2 L
BBA 3 years INR 14.8 L
M Eng 1-1.5 years INR 18.4 L


University Of Otago

Established in 1869, the University of Otago has found its place among the top universities in New Zealand. The university offers a wide variety of courses from graduate level to postgraduate level and Ph.D. courses. Students can choose from subjects like finance, economics, entrepreneurship, business, management, etc. Following is an insight into the course details:

Courses Duration Tuition fees first year
MBA 15-24 months 21.8 lakhs
MIM 12 months 21.3 lakhs
MS 12-24 months 15.6-19.5 lakhs
BSc 36 months 12.4-15.2 lakhs
BE/B. Tech 36 months 15.2 lakhs

Victoria University of Wellington

The university was established in 1897 following a Parliament act. The university offers both graduate and postgraduate programs and is the home of more than 1000 faculty members. It is known for having 40 research institutes and centres offering students the best resources to enhance practical skills and knowledge.

Courses Duration Tuition fees first year
MBA 16-20 months 13.1 lakhs
MS 12-24 months 11.9-25.3 lakhs
MIM 12-24 months 13.5-20.2 lakhs
BSc 36 months 13.9 lakhs
MEng 12 months 16.8 lakhs

University Of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury is one of the well-known universities in New Zealand and is known for having five colleges, the College of Arts, College of Engineering, College of Science, College of Education, Health and Human Development, and College of Business and Law. The university also has 35 research institutes.

Courses Duration Tuition fees first year
MBA 15 months 22.2 lakhs
BE/B. Tech 36 months 14.4-17.2 lakhs
MEng 12-15 months 20.7 lakhs
BSc 36 months 16.6 lakhs
MS 12-24 months 18-20.7 lakhs


Massey University

Massey University is popular for its research-driven teaching and for its research training campuses in Auckland, Palmerston North, and Wellington. The university is known for its wide scope of scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Courses Duration Tuition fees first year
MEng 12 months 15.8-17.8 lakhs
MS 12-24 months 16.5-18.3 lakhs
MIM 12-18 months 14.4 lakhs
BE/B. Tech 36-48 months 13.8-16.8 lakhs
BBA 36 months 13.8 lakhs


University Of Waikato

The University of Waikato was established in 1964. The university is a public institution offering higher studies and research. The university is popular for offering high-quality education and a wide array of subjects like arts, social science, mathematics, education, health, etc. You can also choose courses from 135 subjects. Here’s an insight into the course and fee structure:

Courses Duration Tuition fees first year
MIM 12 months 14.1-21.6 lakhs
BBA 36-48 months 13.8-14.4 lakhs
MS 12-24 months 14.6-16.4 lakhs
BSc 36 months 13.8-14.4 lakhs
MEng 12 months 17.9 lakhs

Lincoln University

One of the highly-ranked public institutions in New Zealand, Lincoln University offers a wide array of career-focused diplomas and undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degree programs. You can opt for any specialisation in agriculture, engineering, sciences, computing, business, commerce, etc.

Courses Duration Tuition fees first year
BSc 3 years 14 lakhs-14.4 lakhs
MS 24 months 13.2 lakhs-15.5 lakhs
MIM 1 year 18.5 lakhs
BHM 3 years 13.2 lakhs
M Arch 1 year 18.5 lakhs


Auckland University Of Technology (AUT University)

The university is comparatively new than the other universities but has found its place among the top institutions in the country. The institution offers around 250 programs in various disciplines. Students can shortlist the university if they are willing to study in New Zealand.

Courses Duration 1st Year tuition fees
MBA 12-16 months 24.9 lakhs
BE/B. Tech 3 years 15.7 lakhs-19.1 lakhs
M Arch 2 years 17.1 lakhs
MS 12-24 months 17.1 lakhs-18.7 lakhs
BSc 3 years 14.8 lakhs-15.9 lakhs
MIM 1-1.5 years 15.3 lakhs-23.2 lakhs
BBA 3 years 14.8 lakhs
MEng 1-1.5 years 18.4 lakhs

Wrapping up,

It is necessary to know the best places to study when you are planning to pursue higher education abroad. New Zealand has proved itself to be one of the best countries for international students, and India is one of the countries that has chosen New Zealand as the preferred destination for studying. Hence, it is essential to know the best places in the country and their details to make a quick decision. The universities mentioned above will help you make a list quickly and start preparations for studying in the country.

When applying to institutes in New Zealand, international students from an overseas tertiary institution must pay a non-refundable application fee of NZD 100 (approx. INR 5000). However, the fee is NZD 60 (approx. INR 3000) if you apply under Special Admission or Discretionary Entrance. These costs do not include the charges for English language proficiency tests (IELTS/TOEFL/DET/PTE Academic, etc.) you must pay before applying to any institute.

Most institutes in New Zealand offer online applications for UG courses. Generally, it would be best if you started preparing for applications at least 6-9 months before the deadline. Once you have decided to study in New Zealand for Indian students, you should:

  • Choose a course
  • Shortlist institutes
  • Take all standardized tests
  • Write your SOPs and gather LORs
  • Apply to the institutes
  • Attend interviews (if required)

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