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We’ll take articles about business, technology, science, etc., among other things. Send it in. We only publish free guest articles that are high quality and that we like, and we thank you for that. Tell people about your site. Want separate bloggers. Article submission is free. Only Articles of High Quality.

Submission Link: https://forms.gle/DkqqT2NisxC5GqGv7

You must follow these rules (Mandatory):

  • Original Article: The article should be longer than 1000 words. No kind of plagiarism is allowed. The articles will be checked with Plagiarism software. Article Posts only publishes unique articles. (never been posted anywhere else, not even on your own site)
  • Quality of Content: The content should be high quality and not have any spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Topics We Cover: You can see the categories we cover in the menu bar at the top of this page.
  • Formatting: Give the reader a clear takeaway or lesson. Structure your writing with headings, subheadings, and numbered lists or bullet points.
  • Linking out: Use facts, research, sources, or personal stories to back up your ideas, information, and arguments with links to other websites (no less than 3).
  • Internal linking: Link to www.blogwi.com’s published articles when it makes sense.
  • Unique Angle: Your post should be original and different from other articles already posted on blogwi.com
  • Images/Videos: Blogwi encourages authors to send pictures or videos with their submissions. When authors want to use images, videos, or other content from outside sources, it is their job to get permission. Including images or videos in the article must be of high quality and have source citations. Only use photos or videos for which you have permission or that are in the public domain (and be sure to credit your source).
  • Short Paragraphs: Use short paragraphs with no more than three or four sentences each.
  • Article Edits: Blogwi reserves the right to change the content you send us, but we’ll mostly do this to fix mistakes or make it easier to read.
  • What We Don’t Want: Please don’t send us press releases or sales pitches. Also, please don’t send us fake product reviews, advertorials, etc.
  • Backlink Type: Write down your keyword and the link to which you want to get a backlink. Please say if you want a “Do Follow” or “No Follow” backlink. You can only get one backlink from one website.

Optional: The article should have Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS), Table, and Breadcrumbs.

Terms Of Use:
  • By sending us an article, you agree that we can use it on our website (with any changes we think are necessary) and that you won’t ask for money or claim your rights have been violated now or in the future.
  • When the article is posted on our website, we own it, and you can’t republish it without our written permission first.
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