How Cedric the Entertainer Made His Money


Cedric the Entertainer, has been making people laugh for decades as an actor, comedian, and producer. He is best known for his stand-up comedy, but he has also been in hit movies and TV shows like “Barbershop” and “The Steve Harvey Show.” But how much money does Cedric the Entertainer have? Let’s take a look.

Cedric the Entertainer’s Net Worth

As of 2019, it is thought that Cedric the Entertainer, has a net worth of $30 million. That is okay for someone who started as a stand-up comedian. So, where did all that money come from?

Movies and Television Shows

Cedric the Entertainer has been in movies, and TV shows more than once. In films like “Barbershop,” “The Original Kings of Comedy,” and “Think Like a Man,” he played some of his most famous roles. He has also been on TV shows like “The Steve Harvey Show” and “Everybody Hates Chris.” Cedric has also produced shows like “Soul Food” and “The Neighborhood” in addition to acting. All of these jobs have helped him make a lot of money.

Stand-Up Comedy Routines

When Cedric the Entertainer first got into show business, he did stand-up comedy. He got a spot on Def Comedy Jam in 1992 because he was so good at it. After that, he started going on national tours and making comedy specials for HBO. His work as a stand-up comic has helped him make a good living over the years.


Cedric the Entertainer, is one of Hollywood’s most popular performers. He started as a stand-up comedian, but now he has a successful career in movies and TV shows thanks to his skills. Cedric has played roles in films and TV shows and produced several hit shows. Thanks to all his work, Cedric the Entertainer’s est, estimated net worth in 2019 is $30 million.

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