How to setup Netgear EX5000 extender?

The Netgear AC1200 EX5000 is a dual-band WiFi range extender that offers WiFi speeds of up to 1200 Mbps and increases the range of your current network to the dead spots in your home or office. All you need to do to have connectivity throughout your entire home is finish the Netgear EX5000 setup. It works well with any current WiFi network and is excellent for streaming HD video and playing online games. You can quickly find instructions for configuring the Netgear AC1200 EX5000 WiFi range extender here. Let’s begin this procedure.

Netgear EX5000 Manual Setup

Steps for Netgear EX5000 setup are as follows:

  1. Connect your Netgear EX5000 to a power source and turn it on. Watch for the green turn on the power light.
  2. Access the wireless network of the extender by connecting your computer or mobile device. The default SSID for the extender is NETGEAR_EXT.
  3. Open a web browser and go to If the web address does not work, try using the IP address instead.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Netgear EX5000 setup process. You will need to create a new username and password for the extender.
  5. Once the Netgear EX5000 setup process is complete, connect your devices to the extender’s wireless network and enjoy a wider range of coverage.

How to configure Netgear EX5000 via WPS?

Do you have any issues with the manual setup procedure? If so, let’s start the WPS setup for the Netgear EX5000. Another method for setting up a Netgear extender is the WPS method, which is also thought to be the quickest and easiest way to install your wifi booster. You don’t need to enter your username, passphrase, or any other information during this process. You’ll need to press a tiny button on both the extender and the router. Watch to see how.

Follow these steps for Netgear EX5000 setup using the WPS method:

  1. Connect your Netgear EX5000 to a power source and turn it on. Hold off until the green power light appears.
  2. Press the WPS button on the extender. The WPS LED will start blinking.
  3. Within two minutes of pushing the WPS button on the extender, press the WPS button on your router.
  4. Wait for the WPS LED on the extender to turn solid green, indicating that the connection between the extender and router is successful.
  5. Once the connection is established, you can connect your devices to the extender’s wireless network and enjoy extended coverage.

Common Issues occur during Netgear EX5000 setup

  1. If you are experiencing slow internet speed, check if the extender is placed too far away from the router. 
  2. Move the extender closer to the router to improve signal strength. 
  3. Also, make sure that you have the latest firmware installed on the extender.
  4. If you are unable to connect to the internet through the extender, try resetting the extender and reconfiguring it from scratch.
  5. If you are experiencing poor signal strength, try moving the extender to a different location or adjusting its position for better signal strength.
  6. Make sure that the extender is placed away from obstructions such as walls and metal objects that can interfere with the wireless signal.

Troubleshooting Tip to Fix Netgear EX5000 extender setup issues

  1. To reset the extender, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds until the power light blinks.
  2. To update the firmware, go to the Netgear support website and download the latest firmware for your extender. 
  3. Then, log in to the extender’s web interface and upload the firmware file to update the extender’s firmware.
  4.  Interference from other wireless devices such as cordless phones and microwave ovens can affect the performance of the extender. 
  5. Move the extender away from such devices to avoid interference.

How to update Firmware on Netgear EX5000?

Do you experience any issues with your extender? Is it acting inappropriately or not providing the required speed? If so, you will need to update the firmware on your wifi range extender (Netgear EX5000) in order to fix the problem. You can get the most recent security features and other features that can help you solve these issues by updating your extender’s firmware to the most recent version.

  1. Open a web browser on your computer or mobile device that is connected to the Netgear EX5000.
  2. Type the default IP address of the extender in the address bar and press Enter.
  3. Enter the default username and password. The default username and password are “admin” and “password,” respectively.
  4. The choice on the left should say “Firmware Update.” Choose that.
  5. Click on the “Check” button to check for available firmware updates.
  6. If an update is available, click on the “Download” button to download the update.
  7. Once the download is complete, click on the “Update” button to install the update.
  8. Wait for the extender to reboot after the firmware update is complete.

Netgear EX5000 extender Reset

You must reset Netgear EX5000 if you forget your admin password and want to recover it. By doing this, you will prepare your extender for initial setup by erasing all the personalised information, such as your password, user name, and SSID, among other things. To reset the Netgear EX5000, you’ll want to have a toothpick or paperclip available.

Here are the steps to reset your Netgear EX5000 extender:

  1. Switch on your Netgear EX5000.
  2. Find the extender’s reset pinhole.
  3. Get a toothpick or another pointy, sharp instrument.
  4. The reset hole should receive the toothpick (or other object) you’re using.
  5. If the pin is maintained firmly in place, the extender’s power light will continue to flash amber.
  6. Remove the toothpick when the power LED turns solid green.
  7. Your AC1200 is now prepared for initial setup.
  8. When trying to reset your booster, do not unplug it.

Note: Resetting your Netgear EX5000 extender will erase all the settings and configurations you have made, including the login credentials. You will need to set up the extender from scratch after resetting it.

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