Play Slashy – One of the Best Hyper Casual Game for Kids & Adults

I present to you all Slashy, one of the top Hyper-Casual Games. Place the slices on the discs to burst them all. You only need to do that to play this incredible game. It contains almost 300 thrilling levels of varying difficulty. Furthermore, this game takes up relatively little storage space. Additionally, loading takes almost a second. So, once you start this application, you won’t have to wait long. You are not required to use your brains, either. In other words, Slashy won’t harm your brain in any way. This is how Hyper-Casual Games operate.

Here we listed the best features of slashy!


Let’s carefully examine each of Slashy’s features one by one.


  • More than 300 Compelling Levels of Slashy

Slashy contains more than 300 levels that will get your brain working. Using Level 1 as an example, there are three discs in this level. Every odd level causes a change in this value. Therefore, Level 3 would have 4 discs. The same would apply to Levels 5, 7, and 9, which would have 5, 6, and 7 discs, respectively.


There are a maximum of 8 discs available in Levels 11 and 12. After that, the cycle will begin again. Simply told, Level 13 will have three discs, and the pattern will continue indefinitely. To finish the stages, you must destroy all of these discs.


  • Complete the Levels in the Allotted Moves or Before the Clock Runs Out

The amount of time you have to complete the levels is limited. While completing a level, you need to keep a few limits in mind. In Slashy, each level has a defined number of movesets that must be used to succeed; else, the game is lost. From Level 1 through Level 48, there will be finite movesets.


After that, you will get a timing clock in Level 49 which continues to Level 96. Once more, the movesets will begin at Level 97. Additionally, the timer and movesets will continue to alternate in accordance with the prescribed pattern. The feeling of completing the levels under such restrictions is unmatchable. 


  • The Crazy Motion of the Discs in the Further Levels

These discs begin rotating and swirling as you advance further in the game. To further explain, the discs begin to revolve anticlockwise around the large Slice Plate in the center. These discs do this revolution and, to add to it, they also rotate clockwise on their own axis.


At the same time, they spin and revolve. Your interest in the game only heightens by this peculiar style of movement. Furthermore, it raises the possibility of you imagining that you are in the solar system, looking at numerous planets.


  • The Divisions in the Discs

Moving on to the nature of discs, these have different level-specific partitions on them. For instance, from Level 1 to Level 12, the divisions in the discs would be 3, from Level 13 to Level 24, they would be 4, and so on. The discs can have a maximum of six divisions, ranging from Level 37 to Level 48.


This trend will continue to repeat after that. Additionally, as the partitions get bigger, it gets much more difficult and intriguing to burst them. For those who love to take on challenges, try playing the advanced levels full of discs with six divisions. 


  • The Eye-Catching Props of Slashy that you may use

Since the whole point of Slashy is to smash the discs, you can use any Slice you like. To explain, after you reach level 12, Slashy will unlock a tonne of props for you. These lovely items also come in a huge variety.


A football, a compact disc, a vinyl record, a crystal ball, a wall clock, an orange slice, a button, a pizza slice, a kiwi fruit, etc. are a few of these eye-catching props. To destroy them, break any of the props. Slashy becomes considerably more entertaining to play in this method. 


  • Use the Hammer whenever you are Stuck

You might occasionally get a slice that doesn’t fit anyplace. How should you proceed in this situation? You can use Slashy’s equipped Hammers to smash any disc you want. The desired slice can then be inserted into the disc. However, as there are only three Hammers, do not use them all up.


Even so, there is one more way to get more hammers after you have used all of the ones you possess. It’s a really easy drill. To unlock a hammer, all you have to do is view a quick promotional video. So use these hammers when you are directionless. Also, fulfill your desire of standing in the shoes of Thor by wielding this Hammer. 


  • The Spectacular Thematic Backgrounds of This Incredible Game

To add some freshness to your game, Slashy is equipped with three interesting themes that you can apply to the background of the screen whenever you want. After applying any of the three themes, the gaming pleasure becomes manifold. These themes are the Default Theme, Nature Theme, and Night Theme. All of this terrific trio is explained in detail below. 


Default Theme: If you want something plain and simple, Default Theme is for you. On a sky-blue background, you will be able to burst the discs and proceed through the game. 


Nature Theme: This one is for nature lovers. With the background of the bright blue sky and the setting of a fine morning, break the discs by placing slices on them. 


Night Theme: There is a starry sky highlighting the darkest beauty of the night. In the setting of a night, enjoy breaking the discs. Just relive the nightly experience in the world of Slashy through this theme. 



In an amalgamation of the above, Slashy is a game that you must have on your smartphone. You can feel renewed and energized after just one 5-minute round of Slashy. As this game doesn’t take much time to load, you will be able to easily access it. Moreover, Slashy is an absolutely kid-friendly game. No matter which age group you belong to, Slashy will easily become your go-to game. So without further ado, go ahead and enjoy yourself by downloading this fantastic mobile game from the App Store or The Play Store. 



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