8 Major Symptoms of Unbalanced Tires On Your Car

Symptoms of unbalanced tires on your car

Balanced tires are when your car’s weight is equally distributed to all four tires. Perfectly symmetrical tires are ideal for cars which leads to comfortable and safe rides. But as it turns out, like everything else, no tire is perfect. Even slight deformities of tires can create major problems at driving speeds. If your car’s tire is indeed imbalanced, it should be mended by a professional car service center in Dubai immediately. But how can you identify primary signs of malfunctioning tires? Here we have mentioned seven obvious signs that indicate unbalanced tires.

Unusual and amplified vibrations:

This is one of the earliest symptoms of unbalanced tires. Even slight disbalance in tires causes abnormal and amplified vibrations while driving. These vibrations are specific to your car and depend on the car’s model and age. But, regardless of the car’s background, you will be able to pick up these changes. Over time it can affect the steering wheel and even the rear seats. Amplified vibrations lead to unpleasant driving experiences and affect various other parts of your car.

Difficulty in Steering:

Steering controls the movements of wheels. So, if there is a problem with your car’s wheels it reflects on the steering. Difficulty in taking diversions, turns, or maintaining smooth flow on roads can all point out to unbalanced tires. Imbalanced tires even increase the response time of steering resulting in mismanagement while driving. In extreme cases, these problems may result in accidents. So if you are facing problems with steering, you should go for a wheel check-up in nearby car repairs in Dubai.

Consumption of more Fuel:

If your car’s tires are unbalanced, the engine consumes more fuel than usual. This is because with unbalanced tires, your car operates under unusual stress and your engine makes up for it by using more fuel. The overall performance of the car is also affected. This unusual fuel consumption creates more waste which can affect or permanently damage multiple parts of the car. The more you wait to fix your tires the more the entire repairing process costs you, ignoring the extra expenses of paying for more fuel. That is why it is important to get your car’s tire checked.

Uneven wearing of tires:

The wearing of your car’s tires erodes with time and it is normal. But if you identify unevenness on your tire, it can indicate imbalanced tires. Generally, the unevenness was previously absent. In addition to that, if the threads of that particular tire show signs of quicker erosion than other tires it is a dead giveaway of disbalance in the tires. In this case, you should immediately get your car checked.

Increase in intense and sudden shocks:

Imbalanced tires increase the frequency and intensity of sudden shocks. Even on the most unexpected terrains, you can experience shocks because your car is operating under stress. This unusual stress can further damage other parts of your car. As the road quality deteriorates the shocks you may experience only worsens. In extreme cases, this can even result in accidents on uneven roads. This is why you should immediately attend to this problem and seek help from your nearest car service center in Dubai.

Unusual Sounds:

Yes, engine sound can indicate various problems in your car and imbalanced wheels are one of them. Depending on the model of your car, its usage, and its age, the sound of balanced tires can be noticeably different from that of a car with imbalanced tires. The buzzing sound is the result of increased friction between the tire and the road. As the speed increases, this unusual sound can become amplified and cause irritation while driving.

Affected suspension:

The vibrations you feel because of unbalanced tires affect the suspension of the car greatly. If left unchecked it may cause irreversible damage to your suspension which will definitely worsen your driving experience. Because of the extra stress, the suspension withers out quickly. You may need to replace them eventually. If you notice your suspension health is deteriorating at an unusual pace, it can indicate an imbalance in your tires.

Leaning Vehicle:

If your car’s tires are imbalanced you may notice your vehicle is leaning in a particular direction. The leaning of your car is not noticeable while driving. But when your car is parked on a flat surface it becomes prominent. If you are sitting inside the parked car you may feel this slope. Then you can step out of the vehicle and check which tire is showing signs of deformity or imbalance. 

Now you are aware of the major seven signs of imbalanced tires. The obvious next question is what to do after you identify a problem with your tires. It is always the best choice to mend it as soon as possible in car repairs in Dubai. Mending tires and balancing them can take between five minutes to one or two hours for tricky cases. Minor problems can even be fixed at home with basic equipment. But if you ignore this issue, you might have to replace more than just your tires. Mending a car problem, right after it is identified, not only prevents unforeseen driving complications but saves you a lot of money as well as your precious time.


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