The Techniques of T Shirt Printing

T-shirt prints

At the platform of  Dallas Screen printing, we specialize in the production of such promotional materials that do not disappear after a few days and constantly appear before the eyes of recipients. What’s more, apart from the informative function, they also protect against the cold or emphasize beauty. Thanks to the practical dimension, they are not forgotten, on the contrary – they are in use every day. Such an unusual form of advertising is printed T-shirts.

Prints on T-shirts are not only a popular form of clothing personalization, but also an effective marketing tool. Thanks to the prints on T-shirts, you can easily and easily convey your message and reach a wide audience.

Our offer includes T-shirts (t-shirts, polo shirts) but also sweatshirts, jackets, hats and bags. All items of clothing are made of good quality materials – we believe that only comfortable and durable clothes will fulfill their purpose as advertising clothing . That’s why our T-shirts have, for example, double seams and lycra-reinforced cuffs, and the zippers of our jackets are protected with tape.

We make sure that the advertising clothing ordered from us is as universal as possible and can be willingly worn by various people. That is why we offer a wide range of models from various manufacturers: from casual t-shirts through sportswear, with various cuts and colors. We can print or embroider on each of these elements.

Prints on T-shirts – how does it work?

T-shirt printing is a process that involves applying a pattern or text to a T-shirt using special paints or a special foil. Prints can be made on different types of T-shirts, such as cotton, polyester, wool, silk and many others. Prints can be made on T-shirts in various sizes and colors. The printing process is usually done using a specialized machine that applies paint or foil to the T-shirt.

We print on T-shirts and other clothing items using the following methods:

Screen printing Screen

printing on T-shirts is one of the most popular methods of marking T-shirts. It consists in transferring the paint to the T-shirt using a screen matrix on which the pattern is applied. This method ensures durable and clear prints, as well as the possibility of using many colors and graphic effects. Screen printing on T-shirts is relatively cheap and quick to make, which makes it ideal for the production of large quantities of promotional T-shirts.


on T-shirts is a method of introducing threads of thread to create a pattern on the fabric. Embroidery on T-shirts is durable and hard-wearing, and provides an elegant and high-quality look. This method is often used to mark business and company shirts, sports club logo shirts and shirts with initials or names.

DTG Digital Printing

Digital printing on T-shirts is a method in which the pattern is printed directly on the T-shirt using a specialized printer. This method allows the use of complex patterns and graphic effects and the printing of small quantities of T-shirts. Digital printing on T-shirts is often used to produce T-shirts with unique designs and T-shirts with photorealistic prints.

DTF transfer printing

Digital thermal transfer on T-shirts is a method in which the pattern is transferred to the T-shirt using previously printed thermal transfer foil, which is heated and pressed against the fabric. This method is relatively cheap and quick to perform, and also allows you to obtain a sharp and clear pattern. Thermal transfer on T-shirts is often used for the production of advertising T-shirts and company gadgets.

Flock or flex foil

These methods differ from each other in terms of durability and the way of mapping the promotional logo, production time, as well as the price for smaller and larger orders. With so many different methods at our disposal, we can offer attractively priced and effective prints for every type of clothing, type of graphics and quantity.

How to choose the right print on T-shirts?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right t-shirt print:

  • Type of T-shirt: It is important that the print is suitable for the type of fabric on which it is to be made.
  • Print size: It is worth considering how large the print on the T-shirt should be.
  • Type of print: it is worth choosing the type of print that will best suit your needs and preferences.
  • T-shirt color: it is worth choosing the color of the T-shirt that will best match the design and style of the print.

Prints on T-shirts can be made both on the front of the T-shirt, on the back and on the sleeves. The choice of place matters – with sports T-shirts, it is worth choosing a large logo on the back, because they will usually be uncovered. However, with casual promotional T-shirts, it is better to make the logo on the front, because the back can be covered by an unbuttoned sweatshirt or backpack.

T-shirts with the logo, as well as other advertising clothing, will reach a wide audience. It is worth ensuring that the presented print is understandable even from a distance, and that the wearer feels comfortable with it. An interestingly conceived and well-designed logo will be treated not as an advertisement, but as a decorative element on clothes. We understand how important the comfort of people who will receive printed T-shirts is – hence the attention we pay to the quality of our clothing.

We offer a wide selection of T-shirt colors – from white and black, through various shades of green and blue, to reds, pinks and yellows. You can choose a more subdued color, on which the promotional logo will be better exposed, or an intense color that will attract attention to both the wearer and the graphics.

If our client is interested in non-standard advertising T-shirts or other elements of promotional clothing, we offer the possibility of sewing a given element to order from the pattern of the necessary outfit, using the selected material and in specific colors. Our services also include packaging in protective films, labeling and labeling of a given product.

Print on T-shirts – prices

The prices of printing on T-shirts can be approximated using the calculator, which is located under the description of each product. The cost of printing is influenced by the color of the T-shirt, the quantity, and the number of colors that the printed pattern will have. Depending on the chosen method, we can make full color prints (DTF or DTG printing) or up to 8 colors (screen printing).

In the case of orders for promotional graphics larger than A4, on a material other than cotton, with more colors (e.g. photos), the price is calculated individually.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer – you will certainly find high-class clothing with huge advertising potential.

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