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How to Start Tutoring English Online?

Tutoring English

We live in a time when we no longer have to leave the house to go to school. Thanks to the ubiquitous Internet and advancing technology, we can learn where we want and when we want, and thus we can also give lessons while sitting in a hotel in Pakistan. Tutoring English online is becoming more and more popular. Students in Pakistan, in particular, benefit from such lessons, but Europe is also staying caught up. Every day I have the pleasure of tutoring students from Pakistan.

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Because this job gives a lot of freedom and brings enough income to travel and work simultaneously, many people wonder how to start tutoring English online. If you are one of them, I have something special for you. Below you will find everything you need to know to start Online tutoring Lahore.

What qualifications do you need to teach English online?

  • Perfect knowledge of English. Apparent obviousness – you need to know English at an advanced level. Please live in Pakistan for some time – in my opinion, and this is a better way to improve your knowledge than courses and studies. However, it is not enough to have only conversational skills but also excellent grammar knowledge.
  •  Certificates. You do not need to have a degree to teach English online. However, having at least completed second-cycle studies and a certificate is worth it. The latter will allow you to learn the basics of tutoring grammar, vocabulary, and conversation and show you how to establish contact with a student. Internet agencies also require it.
  • Experience. If you don’t have any experience, it will be hard for you to find clients. Therefore, start with tutoring in your city. It can also be volunteering – for example, many NGOs are looking for tutors who could teach immigrants.

Other requirements

  •           Internet. The advantage of learning English is the opportunity to travel. However, you have to reckon with the fact that the Internet may not be that good in some countries. Therefore, you need to plan your trips according to the availability of the Internet. With Skype lessons, it doesn’t have to be very fast, but if you use unique learning platforms or are employed by one of the schools, the Internet can become a big problem.
  •           Time and availability. It would be best if you had time for students and be prepared to work evenings or weekends. If online English lessons are your primary source of income, you will often have to adapt to clients.
  •           Quiet and peaceful place.Set up a small office where you can conduct lessons. Cafes, bars, and other crowded places are not the best for this activity. If you are traveling, remember to make sure in advance that your hotel room is quiet enough and away from any noise so that you can conduct lessons in it.
  •           Ease of making friends. Your students should feel at ease. You must establish a good rapport with them within the first 10 minutes, which means asking questions on various topics and maintaining the so-called ‘small talk.’ I devote the first part of the lesson to turning my student into a good friend. This way, they learn more and faster.
  •           Also, remember to work legally. Find out if you have to set up a business in Pakistan and what taxes you have to pay.

Types of work

There are two jobs: you can be hired by one of the online schools or start a business yourself and try to get clients.

Online schools and agencies

Finding a job in an agency or one of the schools can be a problem for an active holder of a country whose official language is English. I faced difficulties due to my accent. Unfortunately, agencies often need to realize that the accent is not the most important here, and often those who learned English in schools know this language.

But I don’t want to discourage you. It is possible to get such a job. All you need is a little motivation and self-denial. You can read more about how to find a job as an online English tutor in a foreign language.

Private lessons

You don’t have to work for someone, You can give private lessons, earn more and be your sail and ship, You only need a little to teach online. However, you must know that this is your business. So treat lessons as a product you sell and your students as customers.

If this is a good idea for a business and you are thinking about starting to work for yourself, check out my next post on how to create your own online business and start tutoring English online.

Before choosing an English tutor, it is worth realizing that every tutor will be flawed. Only those will be able to meet the requirements of given people. That is why English tutoring is often also chosen outside of school – you can choose a tutor who will reach the person who wants to learn this language. But how do you choose a good tutor for yourself? We talk about it below.

Tutor’s qualifications

What is known is that we want the tutor to be qualified. Not only does the tutor’s knowledge count, but also the fact that he can transfer it properly. Some people undergo special training, after which they get the appropriate certificate. Others, in turn, graduated from college and then became tutors.

Way of tutoring

Every English tutor has a way of tutoring the language. It would be good if you knew what tutoring style you prefer so that you can then choose the right tutor based on this knowledge. Some tutors believe that the essential part of learning is conversation and a relaxed approach to the tutor.

On the other hand, other tutors prefer to teach in a more structured way, so they divide lessons into speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Check how the tutor conducts lessons – it’s good if he has experience in what he does and he sets the course of the lesson. However, notice if the tutor listens to your suggestions, for example, changing the learning order when needed. This is what means that you have chosen the right tutor.

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Tutor materials

The selection of a tutor who conducts private English lessons can also be made based on the materials they use. Some tutors choose popular materials that are freely available to teach their lessons. If you already know them, it may be better for you to have a tutor with your own materials that have been prepared specifically for the student.

It is worth remembering that you need to try a trial lesson with a given tutor to know what to expect. However, opinions about tutors can help you, although it is known that each student may have slightly different requirements.

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