Wavlink Extender default IP address

Would you like to set up your Wavlink Extender using Wavlink Extender default IP address? Extenders under the Wavlink brand significantly expand the coverage area and improve the overall performance of wireless networks. The 2.4-5GHz WiFi band is where the Wavlink Wifi extender setup performs best, and it increases the level of interference-reduction to 300Mbps. You can use them with any wireless computer thanks to your laptop, notebook, or smartphone. Due to the Wavlink extender’s compact size, you can carry one of these extenders with you wherever you go.

Follow the steps below to configure Wavlink Extender using

  • In the beginning, attach your Wavlink extender to a trustworthy electrical power source Wavlink Extender default IP address or
  • Then comes Set the repeat mode extender to on.
  • Now turn on the wifi-enabled wireless device and join it to the ap.setup login named extender network.
  • The first connection then requires a password.
  • Open a browser and type ap.setup or the Wavlink Extender default IP address into the web address field.
  • The device’s screen will ask you to log in using your password and the default account information.
  • Then carefully carry out the ap.setup as instructed to complete it quickly.

How can I access

You can easily access the admin panel of your Wavlink extender if you know its IP address or default gateway IP. If your Wavlink Extender default IP address is, then you can access the admin interface by doing what is described below:

  • Join any smart device, such as a tablet, laptop, or desktop.
  • Join the network of your router.
  • Launch a web browser, type Wavlink Extender default IP address or, and press Enter.
  • On the login page, fill out your unique information.
  • You can manage all settings after logging in.

This is how you can easily access the Wavlink extender’s login panel. Contact our technical team by calling our toll-free number if you experience any difficulties during the login process for free support.

How to login to

In order to connect to, follow these directions:

  • Open a web browser on your modernised laptop or computer.
  • Then, enter Wavlink Extender default IP address, the app login Wavlink Extender default  IP address, into the address bar.
  • The login page will appear after you enter this Wavlink Extender default IP address and press the enter key.
  • You must first enter your login and password in order to access the page.
  • You will need to enter new values if you are using a new Wi-Fi extender or router.
  • After pressing enter, you can bring it to an admin panel.
  • Remember that in order to finish the wavlink extender setup process, you must run the new extender.

After that, you will only need to enter your username to log in to the page.

Wavlink extender setup Using is a private IP address commonly used as the default gateway for many routers and extenders. If you are trying to access the web-based interface of your Wavlink extender or router, you can use this Wavlink Extender default IP address to log in to the admin panel.

To set up your Wavlink extender, you can follow these steps:

  1. Connect your computer or mobile device to the Wavlink extender using a wired or wireless connection.
  2. In the address bar of a web browser that is open, type “”. Enter the key.
  3. You should see the login page for the Wavlink extender. Enter the default username and password (usually “admin” for both) and click Login.
  4. Once you are logged in, you can start configuring your Wavlink extender according to the instructions provided in the user manual. This may include setting up the wireless network name and password, selecting the appropriate wireless band, and adjusting other settings as needed.
  5. Once you have completed the setup process, make sure to save your changes and restart the extender if necessary.

If you encounter any issues during the setup process, you may need to refer to the user manual or contact Wavlink’s technical support team for assistance. IP address not accessible? 

If you are unable to access, you must follow the list of instructions below:

  • Connect your WiFi repeater to an electrical outlet.
  • Go to the wireless setting option on your laptop or smartphone once you have a powered LED light.
  • Now join your device to the WiFi network of the extender.
  • Wavlink Extender default IP address into the address bar of a web browser.
  • You are currently on the range extender’s login page.
  • Therefore, connect your booster to your current modem or router by following the onscreen instructions.

If after trying the steps above you are still unable to connect your booster, try the following:

  • Please reset the booster to the factory default if the repeater has two or more LED lights.
  • By pressing and holding the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds, the device will be properly reset.
  • To access the installation page if is down, try the web address instead.
  • Only if you are connected to the extender network will the default IP function. Therefore, ensure that you are linked to the repeater network.
  • Once your booster is installed, you won’t be able to access the IP address.
  • The most frequent difficulties entering
  • Understanding and being aware of some of the common problems that may occur while configuring an extender using is essential to minimise irritation and difficulties. 
  • Here is a list of a few problems you might or might not run into when setting up an extender with
  • Unable to establish a connection to the setup page or the Wavlink Extender default IP address to finish setting up your new extender. One of the most frequent problems, it can happen for a number of reasons.
  • Through the setup screen that appears after typing or, you might not be able to find any steps leading up to the new account creation process.
  • Users may fail to notice the registration requirements on the or ap login address setup page.
  • People who don’t know how to install a Wavlink extender are also frequently seen. 
  • People also struggle with this method because they don’t know how to install Wavlink extenders using the WPS method.

How can the problem be fixed?

The problems that can happen when using to configure a Wi-Fi range extender are fairly common and can occur to anyone. But as you go through the setup procedure, keep a few of these fundamentals in mind to prevent them.

  • Keep your Wi-Fi extender in the same room as your router during setup to guarantee better connectivity and a simple process.
  • You can position the extender wherever you like once the setup process is finished.
  • Because every electronic device needs to be powered, make sure your Wi-Fi extender is plugged into a power supply socket.
  • Make sure your web browser is up to date and alternative. It is typical for some browsers to refuse to open when using the IP address.
  • During the setup process, make sure the browser you are using is current.
  • If you’re using a PC, an Ethernet cable can be used to make sure your extender is set up correctly.
  • ETHERNET cables ultimately offer faster connectivity and are more dependable.

Windows users can fix the problem by giving their own static IP address. This address addresses any issues that might come up during setup.

By following the instructions in this article, you can quickly set up your new Wavlink extender or router and learn more about it. Please contact us if you experience issues going forward.

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