What are the ideal tips for buying a pillow case?

What are the ideal tips for buying a pillow case?

People put a lot of thought into their pillows. They make sure it’s not too soft, not too hard, and have a shape that fits their body. Pillowcases are often ignored. At the same time, pillowcases are an essential part of every bedding set and can protect both your skin and your pillow. This means choosing a suitable pillowcase. Not only will your pillow maintain its shape for a long time, but it also helps you and your loved ones sleep better. At RiseandFall  luxury pillow cases you can know how important it is to have a perfectly fitted pillowcase made from quality materials.


As well as bedding, Pillowcases are made from a variety of fabrics, both natural and synthetic fabrics. When buying a new RiseandFall luxury pillow casesyou should start by choosing the fabric first. Fabric is one of the most important factor in determining both the comfort and longevity of your new pillowcase for the best choice that provides both superior sleep and long-lasting softness.

The initial softness of satin or other polyesters May be attractive at first, But the soft quality is attributable to the less breathable synthetic material. Choosing a high-quality cotton pillowcase, it is a natural material that’s breathable, luxurious, and easy to care for and will remain soft for many years to come. And because cotton is such a versatile material, Therefore, there are many types of woven cotton fabrics, from smooth sateen to crisp perkel to cozy flannel. You will surely find cotton to suit your sleeping style.

Size matters:

Once you have chosen the fabric for your pillowcase, you will need to take into account the size, of course, if you have already bought a pillow. You will want to be sure to choose the right size for those pillows. So always double-check. But if you are upgrading your bedding – which should include regular pillow refreshes – it’s an excellent time to consider what size pillows you’ll choose for your bed. There are four common pillow sizes used. It usually measures 26 x 26 inches when making a bed.

These tall pillows are usually placed against the head of the bed. Standard pillows are square pillows measuring 20 x 26 inches. They are recommended for twin, double, and queen beds. Designed for king beds, the king pillow is also 20 inches tall but is much longer at 36 inches and boudoir pillows are much smaller and are often used for neck support or decorative purposes.

Shams and Closures:

Now you know your pillow size and fabric. It’s time to consider the details. People are often confused about the difference between a pillowcase and a cover, and simply put; they both perform the same function as a pillow cover. But pillowcases usually have an opening on one side and no additional fabric around the edges. Pillowcases, on the other hand, are usually closed on all four sides, open on the back, and are used more often for decorative pillows such as Euro or Boudoir.

When it comes to closing, there are many different types of pillowcases and covers. The RiseandFall luxury pillow cases are often easily accessible by opening either side or side. The trick closure may include a decorative tie. Whether it’s a stack of backs, a zipper, or a tie, it’s important to think carefully about your pillow arrangement, sleeping method, and pillowcase maintenance routine to determine which type of closure is best for you.

Thread count:

You must have heard about the phrase “Thread Count,” but let’s explain what it actually means. This is the measure of the fineness or coarseness of a fabric. Measure the amount of thread in one square centimeter or inch of fabric. Both the length and width once you have counted the number of threads in one square centimeter (up and down) and put them together.

The number of threads usually measures the quality of the fabric, And the higher the thread count, the better the quality. For example, a “standard” cotton thread count is between 100 and 150, while a good quality pillowcase starts at around 180 and any 200 or higher counts as a good quality fabric.

However, even if you see a high thread count but that doesn’t mean you will get a quality pillowcase. Sometimes the thread count may be exaggerated by manufacturing process controls. Always shop from reputable retailers like RiseandFall  luxury pillow cases to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Now you have chosen the right size and material. It is the best time to think about the overall look. Try combining beautiful pillowcases that match your bedding to create a unique and beautiful bedroom. Use your imagination to choose the color and design of the pillowcase. Make sure the pillowcase you choose is right for you, and Make sure you like the pillowcase you choose.

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